Targeted support from threesixty

No one knows your business like you do, so our targeted support starts by asking what are the key drivers for your business, and what is it you want to achieve ? threesixty works closely to get to know you and really understand what makes your business tick. There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a consultant who doesn’t get the business that you’ve shed blood, sweat and tears to build! We strongly believe good management culture and clear working practices support good client outcomes and happy clients. We’ve all heard the theory before - good client outcomes are good for business. But in practice, there can be a disconnect between our best intentions and how a business works day to day. Overengineering processes can actually hold your firm back. The ideal is to find that perfect balance between risk management and meeting your clients’ requirements, profitably. Our new targeted services are designed to ensure you get a return on the time and money you invest with us. Why it’s needed If you know the areas in your business that need improving you’re in a great place! It means you’re in control, and can do something about them. If you’re not fully aware, problems could be building and undermine your business. An independent look at the firm can help you identify areas in need of a fine tune, or in some cases, a radical overhaul. No matter what, threesixty can help. We’re flexible Many threesixty clients already receive services from us such as business risk assessments and bespoke consultancy days. However, many of them don’t realise just how personalised these services can be, and the flexibility that’s available. For example, if you have a business risk visit lined up but wanted to instead focus on a more targeted area, we can do that. After threesixty’s 15 years helping financial advice and discretionary management firms to grow compliantly and profitably, we have pin-pointed some of the common, key disconnects these growing firms encounter. And these are what we will help you identify, cut through and control. We’ll help you achieve your business goals and ambitions, build strong relationships with your clients, and manage risk. The year ahead There are three crucial areas to consider in 2019 - the senior managers and certification regime, product governance and investment propositions. These areas will impact most, if not all, businesses. When next speaking to your business risk consultant, file monitoring officer, account manager or a member of our helpdesk team, why not chat to us about these targeted services and how they can benefit you and your business. Gary Crossley Compliance Director Welcome to targeted support 2